Cover your cans!

Back in the Eighties, Australia was gripped by “European Wasp Fever”. As I recall, it was a pretty small window…but they had us primary school kids running scared of these yellow-backed devils.

I recall the whole school gathered for an information session. How to identify and protect yourself from European Wasps. Teachers were hung up on the fact that these menacing creatures liked to hide in soft drink cans. What a way to strike fear in the heart of children. Hit ’em where it hurts – their Fanta, Passiona, Creaming Soda.image

Cover your Cans! For the love of God, cover your cans.

Ha! We weren’t allowed to drink soft drink in our house. These wasps were sent to seek justice for sugar-free families.

Hell, I was just hoping to see one. I love a bit of danger. Now I’m lucky enough to have a couple of nests right outside my loungeroom window.

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