The Nth Degree

Nothing is over until it has been pushed to the nth degree. There’s extreme, there’s over the top, there’s utmost and maximum. But there is always one step further. And the pendulum will not swing back until the nth degree has been reached. That’s just human nature and that’s why nothing should ever surprise us until it has gone so far that it implodes.

I’m always banging on about the nth degree. It’s a little catch phrase of mine. Let me give you a real world example so you can catch my drift.

Big Bums. We haven’t hit the nth degree yet. We are getting close, but there’s still wiggle room. Go back to 1992 when Sir MixaLot released “Baby Got Back”. The size of the bums in that film clip seems miniscule by today’s standards. What is critical mass for bums? When we read the first news report of a woman dying from butt implants? When somebody’s butt is so big they can’t get through a door? When an eight year old girl commits suicide because her bum isn’t big enough? If an A-List celebrity has something, a B-List celebrity will always get one bigger and a nobody who wants to be on The Jerry Springer Show will have the biggest.

Baby got back

Teeny Tiny in ’92


Heading towards disaster

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