Makeshift Mavericks


I had a friend while I was at university who was of Fijian-Chinese descent. She was a lovely, enthusiastic, confusing human being who  swept me up in her tornado and carried me through first year. She got me a job at Hungry Jacks in the city and then I got my friends jobs there too and we met a lot of crazy kids. Hungry Jacks on George St in the early 90’s truly was an equal opportunity employer.
One night after a very late shift at Hungry Jacks I stayed the night at my friends house. Her parents owned a small “Mixed Business” in Belmore, and they lived behind the shop. In the morning we all ate breakfast together around the cramped kitchen table and I checked out my surroundings. They were using shop display units as furniture. I remember a Kettle Chip stand (that looked something like the picture below) being used a s a bookshelf/buffet and hutch number. Respect to the Makeshift Mavericks. Our society is too consumed with perfection anyway.
In our household we like to embrace the spirit of the Makeshift Maverick. Common problems around the home don’t need costly solutions….

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