Equilibrium Junkie

My pseudonym is a misnomer. You could be mistaken for thinking that Adrenaline Boots is a bungee-jumping, sky-diving, para-sailing, snow-boarding, Extreme Sports hooligan. But the reality is, I’m an Equilibrium Junkie. I crave the flat line. Extreme Inner Peace.

For me, happiness is a zero-sum game. If there is one tiny element out of whack, my serenity is shot to pieces. I need everything in my life to be vibrating in perfect harmony. The state of equilibrium is the thin gold line separating me from chaos and I must learn to tiptoe across it with the delicacy of a tightrope walker.

I have a new motto to live by:

Cultivate the Good. Strangulate the Bad.


The colour scheme of this diagram is absolutely horrible. Blergh. Rushed post.

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