A Family Affair

If I had to nominate someone for “Best Aunty In The World”, it would have to be my dear friend, Marina. Throughout our friendship I have had the pleasure of meeting all of her wonderful nieces and nephews and watched with awe and admiration the way she loves and cares for them. Marina is a such an amazing Aunty because she loves her nieces and nephews for the people they truly are and not who she wants them to be. She supports them in the things that they are passionate about. In the case of her nephew, Josh, that’s graffiti. This guy is amazingly talented – I believe he could make a career out of this.
Last Saturday, Marina took Josh to May’s Lane in St Peters and hung out in the alley while he painted. Skating down the alley is Marina’s son, Bo. What a cool dude. Behind the camera is my talented boy, Angus. And me – I edited this video (harking back to video clips from the 80’s and 90’s). Music is by our friend’s band: Hostile Objects.
See – a family affair ; )

One comment

  1. Rob Macdermid · June 14, 2015

    Arghh. Can’t play the video!


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