Just An Observation…Bare Mattresses

Most of what I know about other people’s lives is from TV. Let me qualify. Most of what I know about humanity is from reading books and living life. But most of what I know about the way Americans prepare breakfast or the how English people decorate their homes or Russians raise their children is from documentaries and reality TV. I know from watching a lot of Wife Swap that many American families eat their dinner from plastic bowls. True story.

And so I have come to observe that all across the world, when people are down on their luck, they never have a fitted sheet on their bed. See for yourself. Sad story – bare mattress.

I always feel an empathetic uncomfortableness on behalf of these bedsheet-less brothers and sisters. There are a few simple comforts that all humans deserve. Hot showers, clean bed sheets and something nourishing to eat. Seeing people missing out on these simple comforts upsets me. If I could put a good, crisp fitted sheet on all those bare mattresses out there we’d all have a better night’s sleep.


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