Gotta Write That Down!

Finding old notes in your phone is not nearly as exciting as stumbling across an old notebook, but it is a handy repository for fleeting notions. When an idea zliffs across your brain, you best write it down or it is sure to self-destruct.

Adrenaline Boots was a note in my phone. The word combination tickled my fancy bone. I found it by accident days later and showed Rudie’s Mama, Carly. She backed it and suggested I use it as my nom de media.

Roaming the streets or haunting public transport, word combinations arrive spontaneously. Here’s some I’ve lassoed:

I don’t suit serious

Living a timelapse

The Mormon Generation

Avant Zeitgeist

Sad Bananna

Artistic strangers

The Useless Brigade

Bless you, motherfucker

The three-quarter pants of middle age

Menace Sandwich

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