The Opal Conga Line

Hey Mon,

I wan tell you bout new craze – it’s called the “Opal Conga Line”.

Here’s what you do: I heard that them gates at the train station are not timed. They are sensored, ok? You put yourn ticket in and them doors open. Them doors not timed. Them doors sensored, ok?

You be 3 miles wide fat, and them doors not close on you.You put ticket in, you walk through. Them doors sense your presence and them shut when you through.

Ok you be one person, you be two. Stick together like glue. You be three, you be four. Hey open up that door…

“It’s the Opal Conga Line”

I wan you get as many people you can, How long can you make your conga line be?

Grab them hips and shuffle through – It’s the Opal Conga Line.

Ok- I hope you using a ‘eavy Jamacian accent. This is the Opal Conga Line.

PS: Excuse the extreme Jamaican stereotypes. I need to harness all of my Conga powers (closely related to limbo skills) to get across the tone of what the Opal Conga Line should involve. It’s the tropical party spirit – it’s about reaffirming connection with fellow human beings and joining the Conga line of civic disruption. How many people can we get through the barriers on one Opal tap? #opalcongaline

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